Recover your abandoned
cart shoppers automatically.

Reveal the direct contact information
of up to 40% of your abandoned site visitors
and email retarget the people who did not buy.

Our data is trusted by major enterprises:

10x Your Leads
Without Increasing
Your Ad Spend
you were losing this revenue.
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Unlock 10x more opportunities to increase abandoned revenue.

With Capital Audience, you can send out 10x the number of abandoned cart emails and be retargeting fully identified and qualified leads only.
No opt-in. No problem.
Resolve the identity of up to 40% of your site traffic to turn them into buyers with retargeting and personalized outreach–managed for you.
Own and control your data.
Every data set we own is first party. Which means every contact you see has been validated in real time. Act of both personal and business data to arm your teams with the information they need.

Personalize your email retargeting to your anonymous shoppers.

Capital Audience leverages data science and your team’s industry knowledge to identify the prospects that are most likely to buy. Empower your email campaigns to prioritize their outreach and identify the right people to contact at the right time in their buying journey.
Retarget anywhere
When you have as much first party data as we do, you're not limited to any single platform.
Communicate everywhere
Deploy a data-driven approach to sales with personalized outreach and the ability for your team to prioritize their time.

Take a mathematical approach to generating revenue.

You are only send abandoned cart flows to 2% of your audience. If you can automated and send 10x the amount of follow ups, your abandoned cart emails will –your follow up opportunities just increased 900%.
Lock down your ROI per hour invested
Unlike adding another SaaS product to your stack that requires time and resources to implement, Capital Audience is designed to leverage both expert strategists and real AI to bolt directly into your current tech stack.
AI-enabled service with a license to convert
By combining our in-house expertise and set-up with our licensed performance tech, you receive the best of both worlds without having to personally step foot in either.


Verified Contacts


B2B Businesses


Behavioral insights
Per Day



Frequently asked questions

How does the Identity Wise Pixel work?
After you install a small snippet of code on your website, we will be able to identify up to 40% of your website visitors. We are able to do this because those visitors have opted in through our publishing network.

Think of it like installing the Facebook retargeting pixel on your website. Facebook knows who your visitors are and providing you with that information.

After you install our retargeting pixel, we will provide you with your anonymous visitor's contact info so that you can communicate with them through the channel of your choice.
Is this legal?
Our technology is similar to installing the Facebook Pixel, or any other ad network pixel, on your website to track conversions and retarget your audience. Most likely you have five or more of these pixels already installed on your website.

Imagine if any of these networks like Google, or Facebook where open to pointing out in a phone book all of the visitors that have come to your website.

Retargeting pixels are legal and compliant with all laws, just as the phonebook is legal and compliant. The data agreement you will have with us makes it legal and compliant to share what we know about individuals with you, making it first party data for your company.
What sets you apart?
Companies like Amazon are preventing you from knowing who your buyers are, and companies like Facebook/Meta are limiting your reach.

We believe that small and medium sized businesses should be able to compete with the enterprises on a level playing field. That's why we torn down the walls of these gardens, and we are allowing you to grow your audience at real time speed.

You get to reveal more than just your prospect's personal email address. You will see additional fields such as mailing address, phone number, and credit score.
Who uses your data?
Our data is rated #1 by enterprises such as Meredith, Fanatics, Express, Lending Tree, iHeartRadio, Deloitte, Accenture, TransUnion, LiveIntent, and Microsoft who are currently relying on this.

But more importantly we make this data accessible to people such as marketing consultants, eCommerce brand operators, affiliate networks, and agencies.

Growing your audience with first party data like ours can help make your ads 97% more effective.

So if your brand is currently running ads, you are in the right place.
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, we do! We not only offer a free trial, but you could sign up and receive a free account forever.
What type of guarantees do I get that this actually works?
If you follow our best practices and followed up with the leads that we have provided you, in a reasonable and trackable way, and you do not make your money back within 60 days, then the rest of your contract is free until you do.
Can Capital Audience provide data for customers outside of the USA?
The short answer is no.