Identity Wise Pixel

See exactly who is looking at your site so you can better convert visitors into buyers.

You could reveal up to 40% of your site visitors so you can retarget your prospects across email or any other medium or platform.


Resolve ALL Visitors
No form-fills needed. Any industry. Not cookies or IPs.
Behavioral Lead Scoring
Done live. Based on your site, and other sites.
Seamless Predictive Attribution
Attribute and track platform agnostic while predicting and gaming LTV--matching message to member.

Get the B2B identity of your visitors at the contact level.

Receive the full contact and company level data identities, and then make that insight available for engagement, so you do not have to guess who from the company went to the site.

Get the B2C identity of your visitors at the contact level:

Receive the full contact level data identity such as personal emails, phone number & mailing address. And then make that insight available so you know who and how you should advertise to your traffic.

Track Onsite Behavior

We provide the tools for you to target the highest intent visitors who are most likely to purchase from you.

240+ Million

Validated Individuals

22.5 Billion

Tracked Devices

8 Billion

Tracked searches

5 Billion

Tracked Form Fills

Frequently asked questions

How does the Identity Wise Pixel provide me the personal contact information of my anonymous website visitors?
A unique pixel is placed on the web pages you designate. We match visitors to those pages using our proprietary identity graph of over 280+ million U.S. internet users. We can’t resolve the ID of every visitor, but we can deliver most of them.

You’ll get their name, email, address and a lot of data points on them. You’ll also know key pages they visited while on your website.
Where do we view the contact info of all my new prospects?
We will deliver you their information into your CRM or choice (Klaviyo, Hubspot, Salesforce, 100+ others) and/or Google Sheet.
Do we need a lot of web traffic for Identity Wise to work?
Theoretically, no. However, more traffic is better. Unless you sell extremely high-ticket items and have a phenomenal closing ratio, we recommend at least 5,000 unique monthly visitors.

We understand that many great companies do not have robust web traffic. We can help with that too. Capital Audience's intent data and Identity Wise Pixel programs drive qualified visitors to your site through early lead detection and advertising. Contact our team to learn more.
Does this work on traffic outside the U.S.?
We only resolve the identity of U.S web users. International companies can use our platform (unless they are globally GDPR compliant), but it will only resolve their U.S. based web traffic.
Is Capital Audience for me?
If you're an agency, a growth-focused brand, manage paid acquisition for brands, or simply have your own company that is in need of world class targeting and the ability to PREDICT your revenue growth - Reclai is for you.

This is not for first time marketers. This is not for those without experience in running conversion operations. This is a tool designed for those in Growth who settle for nothing less than progression at scale.
Do you offer a free trial?
We do - for 14 days.

After the opportunity to save and make significant amounts of revenue with this data, we will discuss the set-up and financial cost involved to make it work long-term.

We offer Identity Wise Pixel on a 2 month contract followed by month-to-month because we want you to make sure that every month, you are getting a clear return on investment.
Is Capital Audience legal?
Yes, absolutely. We comply with all USA laws, especially CAN-SPAM & CCPA

How does Capital Audience's pricing work?

We recommend Capital Audience for any company that wants to market, sell, and retarget up to 40% of the people that come to your website and did not make a purchase.

Our plans start at $97/month, and increase based on how quickly you want to grow your audience.

As an example of an Identity Wise Pixel only engagement, let's use a company with a Shopify store using Klaviyo as their email marketing software that has 10,000 site visits per month as an example.

Let's call them ABC Shoes.

Our pricing for Identity Wise Pixel is simple.

Plans start at $500/month to resolve up to 5,000 records.

We want to make sure that if ABC Shoes is paying $500/month, we want to make sure they are generating at least $1,000/month in revenue from the contact information we are providing them.

That would be a 2:1 ROI.

The results will speak for themselves inside of your CRM and the ROI you will see within the first 60 days of working together will speak for itself.

After 60 days, the contract converts to a 12-month contract.