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Capital Audience compiles one of the largest consumer and business data sets in the world. We use our data and proprietary marketing technologies to help companies generate new revenue streams in record time.

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A Guaranteed Audience
Key One: Guarantee winning campaigns every time with leads at every stage of the buyer's journey.
It's Your Own Ad Network
Key Two: When you own the Ad Network, increase the number of offers you're making.
Scale with Omni Channel
Key Three: Sync your successful audiences to third party ad networks and scale.
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We Take The Risk Out Of Marketing

Avoid The Single Biggest Mistake 99% Of Agencies Make

8 Billion
Tracked Searches
Tracked Devices
The challenge of a marketing agency is to convince the business owner to pay a monthly retainer fee for their services.

Business owners are reluctant to pay this fee due to the risk of the campaign failing. Neither company wants to take on this risk.
14 Billion
Tracked TV Shows
5 Billion
Tracked Form Fills
We empower the marketing agency to be able to act more like an advertising network using our AdTech and MarTech.

Our Audience Targeting system eliminates the risk of lead generation, making it possible to generate leads at all stages of the buyer's journey.
Senior Developers
This completely eliminates the risk to the business owner, whose more than willing to pay a performance based fee whenever they get the agreed upon results.

The agency owner is no longer capped by how much money they can make. Instead of the business owner paying tens of thousands to the Social [Ad] Networks they're now paying these higher amounts directly to the agency owners.
Commonly Asked Questions
Is this legal?
Yes. Our data is 99% optin data. The consumers have actually provided us with the data and our system tracks the original optin.
Will This Work For My Business?
My Business Is...
Business Services
Consumer Services
a Listing Directory
a Marketplace
Crypto or NFT based
Install our pixel to convert more customers from your existing traffic without having to change anything.
Capital Audience is an Ad Tech Audience Targeting platform that gives you direct access to your ideal customers.
Mailing Address: 9169 W State St. Suite 701
Garden City, Idaho, 83714
Telephone: 1(206) 552-8656
Email: sales@capitalaudience.com 
Here's Why...
What Platform Do You Generate Leads From?
Your website is the primary lead generation engine. You're given the tools you need to drive traffic from any platform of your choice. The traffic is captured and warmed with your website.

We use imported custom audiences using our massive consumer and business owner databases, lookalike audiences are generated from there. Using this strategy we drive leads from every platform we can find your audience, then focus on the campaigns with the best returns.