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One price for one website, paid monthly
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No hidden fees
There are no fees outside of our flat monthly pricing.
Your monthly subscription fee equips you with:
10,000 Enhanced Profile Credits
Perfect for companies with up to 50,000 visitors per month to generate an additional 10,000 leads per month.

Each credit can be used to enhance an email, phone, HEM, MAID, Device Id or other piece of data into a comprehensive profile. Your credits can be spent to enhance existing customers, warm website visitors, or for cold outbound prospecting. Each month your profile credits will be reset to 10,000.
 Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard
Receive our complete analytics dashboard which will allow you to track cross channel attributions and conversion goals. You'll have everything you need to understand your audience and their buying journey.
Need More Profile Credits?..
volume pricing is available
We have the capability to produce niche specific data for insurance, auto, finance, and more. We're happy to custom tailor the returned data for our preferred customers, while providing them with profile credits to fit their needs.
Still Have Questions?
frequently asked questions
Q: Is usage based only on those visitors that I query based on no actions on my site?
A: Yes, usage is based only on those users that you query. The system defaults to querying all visitors that land on your website.

- You can suppress pixel firing on your website to prevent usage of credits.
- If you do capture the visitors email, you may want to enhance that user and receive their full data profile.
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This is a quick 15 minute video explaining how we're able to get results and how the software works.

In this demo presentation I'm going to show you the results that we've been able to get other customers. 

I'm going to show you our proprietary analytics platform and all of the ridiculous (and creepy) amount of information we're able to uncover about your audience.

If you like what you see and want to get started you'll have the opportunity to do that.
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Capital Audience is an analytics platform that shows you the personal information of your anonymous website visitors.
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