Target only in-market leads in every stage of the buyer’s journey. Before anyone else.

Intent isn’t enough. Segment and retarget only qualified traffic vetted over millions of behaviors across billions of URLs. Understand their proximity to solution. And map their full profile back to your marketing engine.

Get your segmented keyword search intent audiences in less than 5 days.

This process helps us understand matches to keyword & volume foryour marketing and sales team to go after.

We convert Search Intent contextual keywords and topics into trackable URLs.

Then deploy the machine learning models to construct a chronological journey-path that maps the collective BEHAVIORS, not singular intent. This is just one ingredient.

We resolve the identity of the prospects who visited those URLs you see above.


Verified Contacts


B2B Businesses


Behavioral insights / day



Some data points.

Below are just some of the data points you can see on prospects that are actively looking for your services, but are unfamiliar with your company
Direct Phone Number
Personal and Bussiness Email
LinkedIn URL
Device 1
Facebook URL
Device 2
Keyword Search
Company Name
URL Navigation
Job Title
Content Consumption
Job Level
Campaign Response

Frequently asked questions

What does InMarket have that other data providers don't?
The 5 Billion URLs Tracked, 200k+ Top-Line Domains, 320 million verified contacts, 5 Million Behaviors Per Second, 40 Billion Insights Per Day, and 5000 Human Points of opt-in first party data are bought and paid for. This data is validated by an Ai-Powered database capable of filtering for active shoppers that are close to purchasing your product or service.

What makes the difference is the closed loop behavior data validation process. Which means the longer you implement the data, the better it gets.

The big companies sell a login to a portal that you have to spend time and money to figure out how to deploy for your use, not to mention the annual contract that comes with it.

Reclai offers (and prefers) month-to-month contracts because it's in everybody's best interest for any business relationship to always be held accountable for results.
Where do we view the names, emails, etc of the contact data?
We will provide you a login to your portal and/or deliver you the prospect's information into your CRM, an automated CSV file, or Google Sheet
Does this work for prospects outside the U.S.?
We only resolve the identity of U.S web users. International companies can use our platform, but it will only resolve their U.S.-based web traffic.
InMarket sounds great. How do I convince our decision-makers?
First, ask them to come visit the site. Then, book a demo and invite your key decision-makers to attend. We promise to make it concise, informative, and enjoyable. By the end of our intro call, it will be clear to your team if you should schedule a demo for InMarket and/or Insite.
Do you offer a free trial?
We do!
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes, absolutely. We offer a money back guarantee for everything we provide because we want you to never have to worry about your return on investment in capturing & capitalizing on your first party data.

You are guaranteed that you will 2-3x your sales pipeline and your retargeting audiences within 60 days (but we really aim for 30 from the day of implementation) and as a result you should see a ~30% drop in cost per acquisition / cost per lead for your marketing campaigns and a significant increase to your sales pipeline (dependent on the variable you control such as your paid media budget, organic, and sales outreach to drive traffic to your site).

How does the pricing for InMarket work?

We recommend InMarket to any company that wants to beat their competitor to the front lines of awareness, consideration and purchase for their product or service.

As an example, let's use a company with a built out marketing & sales function supported by a large media budget that drives more than 10,000 visits/month:

We may recommend utilizing a combination of Insite, InMarket, Warm Email, LinkedIn outreach and outbound. and talk about executing new campaigns for you in less than 30 days that we can (pretty much) guarantee you have never heard of before.

When you go to the case studies page, you will see a B2B SaaS that added $4 million/month to their pipeline after 30 days, averaging 700 leads per month with 20% turning into SQL pipeline leads.

You are certainly welcome to use InMarket as a standalone product, especially if you do not have a built out website to utilize the Insite pixel. But engagements that get the results you see in the case studies start off at 5 figures. After the success for other companies that use this technology, as shown on the case studies page that use this technology, we expect to deliver you a significant value in less than 60 days.

Our pricing goes back to our money back guarantee.

Because the quality data that your marketing & sales teams will see within the first 60 days of working together will speak for itself.

Become the next case study.