Visitor Profiles

Gone are the days of seeing bounces and abandoned visits you'll never get back.

Capital Audience provides you with a comprehensive data profile on your visitors.

You'll now have the information you need to contact your visitors through any communication channel you prefer, or all of them. We're able to provide you with this information in real time as your visitors are landing on your website.

Visitor Data Dashboard

Like most advertisers you might have relied on landing pages that asked the user to fill out a form before you knew anything about them.

Capital Audience removes that barrier and allows you as the advertiser to get a complete data view of your anonymous website visitors.

That's right, we identify anonymous website visitors and provide you with their complete profile, so that you can make information advertising decisions.

Known Device Dashboard

Tired of not having the ability to do cross channel attributions?

Now you can with our identity resolution system and its ability to use proprietary fingerprinting technology.

We'll identify the devices that your visitors are using and assign unique User IDs to each visitor.

Analytics Dashboard

Like Google Analytics, but you get to own your private data. Everything you can do on GA, you can do with Capital Audience. 

From seeing visitors live on your website, to seeing where they came from, what path they followed and where they left to.

You even have campaigns, goals and Ecommerce tracking functionality.

Visits Log Dashboard

Don't you hate it when analytics platforms don't give you the ability to see your individual visitors?

We took visitor profiles to a whole new level, giving you the ability to see all of the information on your visitors in one location.

Now you'll be able to understand your visitors on a whole new level.
Install our pixel to convert more customers from your existing traffic without having to change anything.
Capital Audience is an analytics platform that shows you the personal information of your anonymous website visitors.
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